Our Mission


The goal of Sara’s Shelter is to raise money in order to build a home for a family in need in Nicaragua.  Housing for people in rural Nicaragua presently consists of a few sticks, some scraps of metal, wood, plastic, cardboard and even rags. This is what the poorest of the poor use to build their shacks.

Dirt floors turn into mud when it rains and children live in fear that their houses might collapse during storms. Under these conditions, disease and illness are prevalent which adds to the already overwhelming obstacles these people face on a daily basis. Your gift of housing will have a lasting effect on these people from generation to generation. Families that feel safe and secure thrive. We welcome a gift in any amount. We also invite your prayers for the people of Nicaragua and for the successful mission of Sara’s Shelter.

God Bless You.


About Sara

Learn more about Sara, her connection with Nicaragua and why we are spreading her mission for more kindness in the world.

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How you can help

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